Icelandic chapter in the Polish book: a narrative perspective on Polish migration to Iceland


  • Helga Ólafs Uniwersytet Islandzki, Islandia
  • Anna Wojtyńska Wydział Antropologii, Uniwersytet Islandzki, Islandia


Słowa kluczowe:

Islandia, Polska, polska migracja, oral history, historia życia


The paper presents a narrative perspective on Polish migration to Iceland based on one example of a woman, called Irena. Her biography served for an anthropological analysis used in biographical approach in social sciences with the assumption that the story of one life of a particular person can give some general knowledge – in this case about migration patterns and experiences.

The story of Irena presented in this article is also an interesting example of the narrative journalism, since the biography is presented like a non-fiction essay, written by a journalist who accompanied Irena for several months during her stay in Iceland and was actually a part of her migration experience.


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Biogramy autorów

Helga Ólafs - Uniwersytet Islandzki, Islandia

Helga Ólafs – a journalist and PhD-student in media studies at the University of Iceland. She writes about media representation of immigrants in Iceland. Her master thesis was about the uses of Icelandic media among Polish migrants in Iceland.

Anna Wojtyńska - Wydział Antropologii, Uniwersytet Islandzki, Islandia

Anna Wojtyńska – an anthropologist, graduate of ethnology at the Warsaw University, currently PhD-student at the Faculty of Anthropology at the University of Iceland. For the past few years she has conducted research on Polish migration to Iceland.


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Ólafs, H., & Wojtyńska, A. (2016). Icelandic chapter in the Polish book: a narrative perspective on Polish migration to Iceland. Wrocławski Rocznik Historii Mówionej, 6, 101–119.



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